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The Tradition of Valentines Day Flowers

For such a sweet holiday Valentines Day has a far less cute and cuddly origin. The tradition of giving Valentines Day flowers started a long time ago! St Valentine was a Roman priest martyred for performing outlawed marriages; because of this, over the preceding centuries became the patron saint of love. And it’s the love part that we focus on now, with our declarations, chocolates, cards and – in huge quantities – flowers.

Why Valentines Day flowers?

Valentines Day is one of the biggest flower-sending days of the year. Why flowers? In the upright, uptight, 18th century, communication between the sexes was severely limited before marriage. These restrictions and social pressures meant flowers became a secret language. Different flowers, colours and arrangements had different meanings so lovers could communicate in secret. So flowers became linked to romance and Valentines Day flowers are the ultimate form.

Plus flowers are always a thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a small posy of hand-picked countryside or garden blooms or an extravagant two dozen red roses arriving at the office, flowers are a lively and touching display. A colourful eruption, maybe that links them to love too. And deep in the February winter flowers, and love, are a nice reminder of the joys to come in the year.

So why wait until Valentines Day? Valentines Day flowers are a lovely gift but “just because” flowers are too. Sending flowers “just because” on any seemingly random day of the year means something special, outside of the tradition and pressure of the holiday. Flowers are also perfect for birthdays, events like Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries, thank you gifts, celebrations, to cheer up the ill, and for new mothers.

BoxedBlooms loves Valentines Day flowers, and flowers for any day of the year. We make sending flowers simple and easy with our high quality, low prices and 24/7 customer services. There’s free next day delivery, our photo guarantee where you get a photo of the exact flowers being sent on your behalf, and we guarantee our flowers will last for five days.


All the advantages of boxed flowers

Boxed flowers are such an easy way of sending flowers and there are lots of advantages.

A romantic and charming single red rose is delivered by Royal Mail straight through the letterbox. It’s so convenient for the recipient. The dozen red roses and two dozen red roses bouquets, in all their splendour, are delivered by courier.

The great advantage of the flowers in a box approach is they can be left in a safe place if the recipient is out. No-one has to fuss with rearranging delivery and the lucky recipient will get their flowers that day. Nor will a big, obvious bouquet be left unsupervised, rather a discreet package.

Add in the surprise-factor, opening up a box thinking it’s just a regular parcel, and there’s a beautiful bouquet in there instead. Boxed flowers are a fantastic gift, simple to receive and simple to send.

A simple way of sending boxed flowers

BoxedBlooms, as you might have guessed from the name, specialises in boxed flowers. Not just that, but in providing the best possible flowers in a box service.

That means free next day delivery, plus clear prices on our website with no hidden upsells or extra charges. Our photo guarantee means you see a photo of the exact flowers that are filling your order and are about to be dispatched. No generic stock photos, you see exactly what you are getting for your money.

Our customer services are available on the phone 24/7 to help with your order and we guarantee your flowers for five days after delivery. We send proactive delivery notifications so you know where your flower delivery is every step of the way.

Those are just a few of the ways BoxedBlooms is a new kind of flower delivery service. And some of the great reasons you should think about sending boxed flowers.


Try roses delivery done differently

It should be easy to order a roses delivery to show someone you care but too many flower delivery services offer low quality, high priced flowers. BoxedBlooms wants to change all that and make the delivery of roses simple and straightforward.

Our roses delivery comes with a free handwritten note, gift wrapping, and free next day delivery. You’re never left with unanswered questions about what is happening to your flowers – we send emails when the flowers are dispatched, when they are on their way and when they are delivered.

Plus, our amazing photo guarantee shows you the exact roses delivery your recipient will be getting – we take a picture of your actual bouquet and email it to you when the flowers are sent. So you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. No more stock photos that have been carefully arranged to look bigger or better. It’s all part of our transparent pricing and no gimmicky upsells. Just great flowers at great prices.

Our guarantee doesn’t end there either. Our roses are guaranteed to last for five days. If they don’t we will replace them or offer a refund. All you need to do is email us a picture within five days. We want your flowers to be enjoyed and only offer the highest quality so we can confidently stick with the guarantee. Our customer service lines are open 24/7 to help with whatever you need.

There are so many benefits to our roses delivery service – why not try it today? You can send a single red rose, dozen red roses or even two dozen red roses with free next day delivery and our photo guarantee.


What sort of occasions call for flowers by courier?

What sort of occasions call for flowers by courier?

Here at BoxedBlooms we love flowers, so we are probably going to say “any”. We offer next day flowers by courier and super-easy ordering so you can send flowers whenever the fancy strikes you. If you need some inspiration, have a look below.

Occasions for flowers by courier

Valentine’s Day – of course Valentine’s Day is all about the flowers and the chocolates. Valentines Day flowers are great, but if you want to really impress you need to think about some other the other year-round occasions.

Birthdays and anniversaries – the classic, and always a good time to put your best foot forward with some lovely blooms. With our free next day flower delivery you can get your flower delivery squeezed in even if you only remember at the last minute.

Celebrations and congratulations – it’s nice to stop and notice and make a fuss out of the triumphs in everyday life. Engagements, new jobs, passing exams, the birth of babies, all deserve to be marked with flowers. Our free next day flowers by courier service means you can get your gift sorted out promptly so it will arrive in time for the celebrations still continuing.

Just because – there’s something extra special about getting flowers “just because.” It’s a touching gesture, that any day is special enough to get a surprise. Show that special someone they are on your mind.

Those are some of our favourite occasions for flowers by courier and you can make the most of them all with the easy service from BoxedBlooms.


What’s so special about buying flowers in a box?

Buying flowers in a box is an original and clever new gift idea.

There’s a real element of unexpected surprise to boxed flowers. As the package arrives it isn’t immediately obvious what it contains, adding an extra level of excitement and intrigue. The recipient will be delighted to find their package is boxed flowers and will be impressed with the unique gift.

Flowers are a lovely gift to receive – a real classic for thousands of years. Receiving a very traditional gift in the form of flowers is always nice but flowers in a box are unique and interesting.

Depending on the size of the boxed flowers they are also really easy to deliver. Our single red roses are delivered through the letterbox by Royal Mail for complete convenience. The other boxed flowers are delivered by courier and are left in a secure and safe location with alerts and progress reports. No-one has to fuss with receiving their flowers, missing their arrival and rearranging or having to collect them.

Sending flowers in a box

BoxedBlooms keep you totally up-to-date with sending your flowers in a box. You know when they are dispatched and are informed when they have safely arrived so you can keep track. It’s the convenient and hassle-free way to send flowers to brighten someone’s day.

You’ll love using our service as much as the person loves receiving your flowers in a box from BoxedBlooms.


Why flower delivery is still such a classic gift idea

Getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered is a classic gift idea. Flower delivery has stood the test of time but is still a wonderful surprise and a really touching gesture.

Most women secretly dream of the black and white movie or romcom scene where they walk into an office full of flowers. It’s an enduring fantasy because of that universal appeal. While romcoms might be high on the cheese factor and certain parts of black and white movies outdated, a flower delivery is timeless.

Why does it appeal so much? Part of it is the history of the gesture, that it has come to be a romantic or supportive move that means a lot to people.

Why flower delivery is a special gift

It’s a high impact and personal yet also selfless gift idea. If the giver is absent, such as in flower delivery, it’s all about the receiving. Flowers are a fresh, colourful gift that delight the senses – and who doesn’t love flowers? The bouquet can be tailor made to someone’s favourite blooms, style or colour. There’s also the mysterious world of flower messages and symbolism with its delightfully old fashioned euphemisms from a more clandestine age. If you’re not sure you can always just opt for the classic: red roses.

Flowers don’t have to be about romance either, though they often are. It’s a heartfelt and touching way to show you are thinking of someone, in congratulations or sympathy. Flowers brighten up a room and our spirits.

Contemporary flower design and arrangement, plus new options and services like our boxed blooms, continue to breathe new life into the old favourites, ensuring the tradition of flower delivery lives on.


How flower delivery from Boxed Blooms works

Brighten up a day with flowers. And with flowers in a box from Boxed Blooms it’s easy for everyone. It couldn’t be simpler to send or receive boxed flowers from Boxed Blooms.

Choose from a striking single red rose, the romantic dozen red roses or extravagant two dozen red roses.

There’s also the option of gift wrapping for that extra touch, and to include a handwritten note.

Your flowers are prepared and sent the next day – with free delivery. All flowers come in quality packaging that not only looks great and keeps them safe but keeps them hydrated and fresh too.

Single roses are delivered by Royal Mail and popped straight through the letterbox with no hassle. The larger dozen or two dozen packages are sent by courier. We let you know when they have been dispatched and are ready for delivery. We’ll even send a message to the recipient to let them know something special is on its way so they can be prepared.

And once the flowers are delivered you will get a confirmation message – so you know what is happening with your flowers every step of the way. If the recipient isn’t in then the flowers will be left in a safe place.

Our support doesn’t end with delivery: there’s also our fantastic guarantee. Your flowers will remain fresh for five days or we will replace them, and you can call our customer services 24/7.

Not only will someone be thrilled to receive their boxed flowers from Boxed Blooms, but you will be thrilled with the easy and fast service.