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Make autumn something to smile about with a flower delivery

The summer is over and as of next week – 22nd September – autumn will officially begin. Don’t let the grey skies, wind and showers get you or your loved ones down. Now would be a perfect time for a flower delivery to cheer up a special someone and show you care.

Autumn can be made a fun time of year. The leaves start to show spectacular displays of colour and a rustic feel comes over the country. It’s time to get the woolly jumpers out, the tea or hot chocolate brewing and to get cosy. There are lots of events to look forward to, like Halloween and Bonfire Night and the winter holiday season is just on the horizon.

Add in an extra special flower delivery of beautiful roses from BoxedBlooms. Choose from our single red rose, romantic dozen red roses or extravagant two dozen red roses. You get great value as well as amazing guarantees and a straightforward ordering and flower delivery process.

It’s so easy to brighten up someone’s day with a flower delivery from BoxedBlooms

Choose your bouquet confident that there are no hidden charges and you get free next day delivery.

When your flowers are ready to be sent you will get a photo of the exact bouquet you have bought. You and the lucky recipient are kept up to date with delivery notifications. The innovative box packaging means the flowers can be left in a safe place or even posted through the door in the case of the single red rose.

You could even add a luxurious scented candle for a warm and cosy night in. Leave the bad weather outside and get settled with a bouquet of roses and a scented candle – sounds like the perfect way to celebrate autumn.


Greetings cards in bulk for hassle free organisation

There are so many advantages to buying your greetings cards in bulk. Remembering birthdays and special occasions one at a time is not the most efficient. Buying cards individually is a hassle. And that’s just the regular events, never mind all the one-off congratulations, get well, thank you or condolences you might have to send.

The solution is to buy your greetings cards in bulk. Dedicate a block of time and energy to doing the full job and you will free yourself up in the long run.

Tips on getting your greetings cards in bulk

Go through your calendar and pick out the birthdays – hence birthday cards you need. If there are lots you could do this quarterly, or you can get it all done for the year in one fell swoop. Buy however many cards you need. You can label them with post-its to remind you which was for who.

If there are any big events coming up, you can do the same. Weddings you are attending, anniversaries, graduations, babies on the way… It’s simpler to get all those cards in advance. It means you can spend more time choosing something nice. Rather than a rushed buy in the supermarket during your regular shop just days before the event.

Don’t forget all the little events that happen without a schedule. You can build up a stock of nice cards for retirements or new jobs, sympathy cards, get well cards and thank you cards. It’s nice to be able to respond quickly to these things. Being prepared in advance takes the stress out of it all.

BoxedBlooms has a range of greetings cards in bulk including thank you cards. They come in packs of twenty and in three designs, or as a mixed pack.


Pack of greetings cards at the ready

How much more organised could you be with a pack of greetings cards ready to go?

Big events and occasions always seem to catch us on the hop. For instance, right now Christmas is probably the last thing on your mind. But it’s the beginning of September and it will be here before you know it. Birthdays are the same, creeping up on us. Never mind all the little “congratulations” events, the thank yous, get wells, and others that pop up with next to no notice.

Traditionally we buy our greetings cards on the hop too. The particularly organised among you might manage to buy a few month’s worth in bulk. But it means we are always running to catch up and it isn’t as efficient as it could be.

But if you buy a pack of greetings cards you always have some on hand ready to go

It’s pretty standard for Christmas cards but the rest of the year we rely on this piecemeal approach.

A pack of greetings cards solves all that. Keep your thank you cards, get well soon cards, congratulations cards and sympathy cards well-stocked and be ready for anything. You can quickly send the card without having to add it to your shopping list and then worrying it is arriving too late.

BoxedBlooms offers a pack of greetings cards for thank you cards, available in a set of 20, complete with envelopes. They come in three designs or you can get a mixed pack of all the designs. They are perfect for showing your appreciation, and reviving the lost art of correspondence.

Soon a pack of greetings cards will be available for all the other big events too.

So get organised, get your pack of greetings cards stocked up, and be ready for anything.


Extra special rose delivery

Would a rose by any other name really smell as sweet? There is something special about roses, the most popular romantic flower.

Flowers at St Valentine’s Day are a popular gift to show someone you care. But roses are especially romantic. This tradition is long established – long enough that Shakespeare could play with it in the famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.

And even now a rose delivery to that special someone has lost none of its appeal or charm. A bouquet of red roses, or even a single bloom, is a wonderfully romantic touch.

We at Boxed Blooms love a bit of romance so we have made rose delivery as simple as possible for you

Choose from our single red rose, bouquet of a dozen red roses, or the ultra-romantic two dozen red roses bouquet. The price you see on the website is what you pay – there are no hidden fees or extra charges to surprise you later in the checkout process. We also offer free next day delivery as standard.

When your flowers are ready we take a picture of the exact bouquet and send it to you. No stock photography here, you can see exactly what you are buying. Then there are the pro-active delivery notifications for you and the lucky recipient so you know exactly what is going on with your rose delivery.

It’s all backed by our great guarantees. Your rose delivery will be fresh for at least five days. If not, all you need to do is send us a picture and we will send a replacement or give you a refund.

It could not be easier to arrange your rose delivery with Boxed Blooms.


Have a pack of thank you cards ready to go

A pack of thank you cards is a terrifically useful thing to have around the house, in your stationery drawer and with the spare greetings cards. You never know when the opportunity – or necessity – to send a thank you card will arise.

A bulk pack of thank you cards is an often-overlooked coda to a wedding, big party, new birth or event. Take the time for a personal response. Sending a thank you card for gifts or well wishes is a thoughtful touch.

It’s not just the big events that deserve a thank you card. Show people that the little acts of kindness are appreciated too. Send a more personalised RSVP, thank someone for a gift or a favour, or just to show you care.

The problem with saying thank you or responding to someone – as we probably all know and have experienced – is that the longer you leave it the harder it seems to feel. Feeling guilty about not having done it sooner leads to leaving it even longer. A speedy response is nicer for the person you are responding to, and easier for you too.

Pack of Thank You Cards Firework

So of course the solution is… 

Have a pack of thank you cards ready to go

BoxedBlooms’ packs of 20 thank you cards are a perfect size to keep for those one-off thank yous. They come in three lovely, modern designs – the subtle Elegant, vibrant Firework and contemporary Zig Zag. Or buy a mixed pack featuring all three designs if you can’t decide on your favourite. Or just like to pick and choose! Envelopes are included too. The cards are foil cut to the highest quality for the perfect pack of thank you cards.

So don’t delay thanking someone, with a pack of thank you cards from BoxedBlooms you are always ready to make someone’s day.


Thank you cards and the art of correspondence

While we at Boxed Blooms love to show our appreciation with flowers, there are plenty of other ways to take a moment and acknowledge someone. Sending thank you cards is just one of them and like sending flowers has very traditional routes.

Did you know that at its peak, the postal system in Victorian London was offering up to twelve posts a day? That meant you could invite someone to dinner that evening – and have them reply – all by post on the same day.

Letters have been invaluable throughout history for a peek into the lives of real people in the past. They could be long or short, passionate or matter-of-fact, but there is still something fascinating about the correspondence we have now come to see as old fashioned.

A new innovation came along for the Victorian’s, rivalling its postal service – the telegram. Correspondence now was short and curt thanks to the limits of technology and price. It was also seen, read and forwarded by several strangers. While letter-writing persisted and outlived the telegram it’s clear which form we take our inspiration from now. Texts are short, emails are curt and pictures speak a thousand words as we send each other gifs and emojis in lieu of actual language.

Thank You Cards

Sending real cards has been relegated to birthdays and festive occasions. Even then, the e-card is becoming ubiquitous. So if you want to make a real impact, a handwritten letter or card is the way to go. Sure you can fire off a quick “thank you” text when someone does you a favour, but what difference would real handwritten thank you cards mean instead?

The art of correspondence is considered all but lost. But a quick note in thank you cards to show you value someone’s contribution or an act of kindness has a bigger impact now than ever.


Flowers delivered differently, with BoxedBlooms

Having flowers delivered to someone is a really nice gesture and you should be rewarded for your efforts – not penalised with overly expensive, low quality flowers and poor customer service. Which is why, here at BoxedBlooms, we do things differently.

Placing your order on our site is different from the competition. Our prices are upfront with no hidden charges or surprise extra fees later in the checkout process.

Get your flowers delivered with free next day delivery, or any day of your choice. Delivery is free – we don’t charge you for something so important. And it’s not any old delivery either. Our photo guarantee means you get sent a picture of the exact flowers being sent on your behalf. No stock photos, you see the real bouquet just before it ships.

Regular, proactive delivery alerts and statuses mean you know where your flowers are every step of the way. To be extra helpful we even let the recipient know they have a package on the way and they can arrange a safe place to leave it if they will be out.

Flowers delivered differently

The clever BoxedBlooms packaging is both beautiful and practical. The single red roses are delivered by Royal Mail and put straight through the letterbox! The dozen red roses and two dozen red roses are sent by courier. You’ll be notified when they are delivered so no waiting around wondering if your gift has been received.

The service doesn’t end there. Have total confidence in getting your flowers delivered with our five day freshness guarantee. And if you ever have any questions about your order our customer services are available on the phone 24/7.

Get flowers delivered differently, with BoxedBlooms.


Get flowers delivered by courier with low prices and high quality

Would you have flowers delivered more often to your loved ones if it was easier, cheaper, and you could be sure of the quality? Getting flowers delivered by courier is such a great way to show you care or are thinking of someone, whatever the occasion.

But the whole process of getting flowers delivered can be offputting. Overly optimistic stock photos on the website, extras added on once you get to the checkout, upsells and hidden charges to make you part with more money, being in the dark about your order and whether flowers have been received, poor quality flowers that don’t last and all the other hassles you just don’t need.

BoxedBlooms are here to change all that. There are no hidden charges or extras. We offer complimentary handwritten notes and free next day flower delivery by courier on all our bouquets. Our prices are great and high quality is guaranteed because we believe getting flowers delivered by courier should be easy and great value for money.

Flowers delivered by courier – how does it work?

When your flowers are ready to go out for delivery we send you a photo of the bouquet. No stock photos, you see exactly what you have bought and is getting sent on your behalf. Our proactive delivery alerts keep everyone informed every step of the way. We even message your recipient to let them know they have a delivery on the way.

Because of the clever flowers in a box format and our special packaging, our courier can leave the flowers in a safe place, securely and discreetly, if the recipient is out. Our single red rose can even be put through the letterbox!

And if you have any problems getting your flowers delivered by courier then our customer services are on hand 24/7. Flowers delivered by courier – done differently, by BoxedBlooms.


Roses by post – convenient for everyone

When you are sending a gift the last thing you want is to cause a hassle for the person receiving it. Sending roses by post with BoxedBlooms is simple for you and easy for the lucky recipient too.

It starts off simple on the BoxedBlooms website where you can choose your roses – a thoughtful single rose, romantic dozen red roses or extravagant two dozen. Our pricing is straightforward with no hidden extras or surprise charges. And we have free next day delivery on all our products.

The process doesn’t end once you have ordered your flowers. In fact, we step it up a gear. When your flowers are about to be sent out we email you a photo of them so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. No stock images or standard product photos – you see the exact flowers that are being sent. We also contact your recipient to let them know they have a delivery. You are kept up-to-date the whole day of your delivery.

Delivering roses by post

The larger bunches are delivered by courier and because they are in an unobtrusive and weather-proof box they can be left in a safe place as designated by the recipient. The single red rose fits through the letterbox and is delivered by Royal Mail – truly roses by post!

Our five day freshness guarantee means that your recipient won’t have the uncomfortable dilemma of having to tell you their flowers are bad. Our flowers are guaranteed for five days. If not, send us a quick photo and we will replace them for free or provide a full refund.

Send roses by post with total confidence and convenience for you and the lucky recipient.


Next day flower delivery to make your life easier

Sending flowers is a great thing to do, so here at BoxedBlooms we want to make it as easy as possible. Next day flower delivery is just one of the ways we make your experience as simple and straightforward as possible.

Free next day flower delivery is available on all our flower products. There’s no upsells for different delivery types so you aren’t faced with surprise charges once you start paying for your flowers. You don’t have to choose between expensive next day flower delivery and cheaper later options. Of course you want your flowers delivering as soon as possible – that goes without saying. Nor should you have to pay extra and at BoxedBlooms you don’t pay anything, you get free next day flower delivery as standard.

There’s free next day delivery on all our products, such as our candles and notecards. When it comes to flowers the advantages of BoxedBlooms don’t stop there.

As well as next day flower delivery we have great guarantees to make sure you have the best experience. Our photo guarantee means you get a real photo of the exact flowers we are sending out for your order! You can see exactly what you are paying for. We keep in touch with plenty of updates so you know exactly where your flowers are on their journey to the lucky recipient and you will get an alert when they have been safely delivered.

Next day flower delivery for you

The flowers are also guaranteed fresh for five days because we only want to send the highest quality flowers. If there are any problems with the bouquet you just need to send us a photo. Then we will replace or refund the flowers, it’s so simple.

So choose BoxedBlooms for next day flower delivery and all the extra touches to make ordering flowers easier than ever.