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The Tradition of Valentines Day Flowers

For such a sweet holiday Valentines Day has a far less cute and cuddly origin. The tradition of giving Valentines Day flowers started a long time ago! St Valentine was a Roman priest martyred for performing outlawed marriages; because of this, over the preceding centuries became the patron saint of love. And it’s the love part that we focus on now, with our declarations, chocolates, cards and – in huge quantities – flowers.

Why Valentines Day flowers?

Valentines Day is one of the biggest flower-sending days of the year. Why flowers? In the upright, uptight, 18th century, communication between the sexes was severely limited before marriage. These restrictions and social pressures meant flowers became a secret language. Different flowers, colours and arrangements had different meanings so lovers could communicate in secret. So flowers became linked to romance and Valentines Day flowers are the ultimate form.

Plus flowers are always a thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a small posy of hand-picked countryside or garden blooms or an extravagant two dozen red roses arriving at the office, flowers are a lively and touching display. A colourful eruption, maybe that links them to love too. And deep in the February winter flowers, and love, are a nice reminder of the joys to come in the year.

So why wait until Valentines Day? Valentines Day flowers are a lovely gift but “just because” flowers are too. Sending flowers “just because” on any seemingly random day of the year means something special, outside of the tradition and pressure of the holiday. Flowers are also perfect for birthdays, events like Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries, thank you gifts, celebrations, to cheer up the ill, and for new mothers.

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