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Thank you cards and five ways to say thank you from BoxedBlooms

The art of correspondence might be fading away but that can give it even more impact. Sending thank you cards can really brighten someone’s day and sadly isn’t really expected anymore.

So here are five ways to say thank you – featuring thank you cards and a little something special.

Saying thank you for a gift?

Make sure to take a quick picture of the gift in action and get a few photos printed off. You can do this easily at home or cheaply at a self service counter in lots of shops and supermarkets. Include the snap in the thank you cards!

Sending a lot of thank you cards?

Sending thank you cards for wedding presents, or gifts for a new baby or other events where you had a lot of gifts? Like sending a photo above, you could bulk print photos of the special day, baby or other reminder of the event. Or include some other little souvenir or trinket.

Say thank you with flowers

You can show your appreciation with some lovely blooms alongside a thank you card. Or how about a scented candle for something a little bit different? Inexpensive but thoughtful gifts are a lovely gesture.

Send an IOU

Not every favour needs to be strictly quid pro quo but you could add a specific IOU to your thank you card. Sometimes people find it hard to take up a “let me know if there’s anything I can do” but might be more likely to respond to your offer of a night’s babysitting.

Thank you for being you

We are all guilty of not letting people know how much they mean to us. Thank you cards don’t need to be for anything specific – a thank you for support over the years, or “just because” can have even more impact.

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Greetings cards in bulk for hassle free organisation

There are so many advantages to buying your greetings cards in bulk. Remembering birthdays and special occasions one at a time is not the most efficient. Buying cards individually is a hassle. And that’s just the regular events, never mind all the one-off congratulations, get well, thank you or condolences you might have to send.

The solution is to buy your greetings cards in bulk. Dedicate a block of time and energy to doing the full job and you will free yourself up in the long run.

Tips on getting your greetings cards in bulk

Go through your calendar and pick out the birthdays – hence birthday cards you need. If there are lots you could do this quarterly, or you can get it all done for the year in one fell swoop. Buy however many cards you need. You can label them with post-its to remind you which was for who.

If there are any big events coming up, you can do the same. Weddings you are attending, anniversaries, graduations, babies on the way… It’s simpler to get all those cards in advance. It means you can spend more time choosing something nice. Rather than a rushed buy in the supermarket during your regular shop just days before the event.

Don’t forget all the little events that happen without a schedule. You can build up a stock of nice cards for retirements or new jobs, sympathy cards, get well cards and thank you cards. It’s nice to be able to respond quickly to these things. Being prepared in advance takes the stress out of it all.

BoxedBlooms has a range of greetings cards in bulk including thank you cards. They come in packs of twenty and in three designs, or as a mixed pack.


Pack of greetings cards at the ready

How much more organised could you be with a pack of greetings cards ready to go?

Big events and occasions always seem to catch us on the hop. For instance, right now Christmas is probably the last thing on your mind. But it’s the beginning of September and it will be here before you know it. Birthdays are the same, creeping up on us. Never mind all the little “congratulations” events, the thank yous, get wells, and others that pop up with next to no notice.

Traditionally we buy our greetings cards on the hop too. The particularly organised among you might manage to buy a few month’s worth in bulk. But it means we are always running to catch up and it isn’t as efficient as it could be.

But if you buy a pack of greetings cards you always have some on hand ready to go

It’s pretty standard for Christmas cards but the rest of the year we rely on this piecemeal approach.

A pack of greetings cards solves all that. Keep your thank you cards, get well soon cards, congratulations cards and sympathy cards well-stocked and be ready for anything. You can quickly send the card without having to add it to your shopping list and then worrying it is arriving too late.

BoxedBlooms offers a pack of greetings cards for thank you cards, available in a set of 20, complete with envelopes. They come in three designs or you can get a mixed pack of all the designs. They are perfect for showing your appreciation, and reviving the lost art of correspondence.

Soon a pack of greetings cards will be available for all the other big events too.

So get organised, get your pack of greetings cards stocked up, and be ready for anything.


Have a pack of thank you cards ready to go

A pack of thank you cards is a terrifically useful thing to have around the house, in your stationery drawer and with the spare greetings cards. You never know when the opportunity – or necessity – to send a thank you card will arise.

A bulk pack of thank you cards is an often-overlooked coda to a wedding, big party, new birth or event. Take the time for a personal response. Sending a thank you card for gifts or well wishes is a thoughtful touch.

It’s not just the big events that deserve a thank you card. Show people that the little acts of kindness are appreciated too. Send a more personalised RSVP, thank someone for a gift or a favour, or just to show you care.

The problem with saying thank you or responding to someone – as we probably all know and have experienced – is that the longer you leave it the harder it seems to feel. Feeling guilty about not having done it sooner leads to leaving it even longer. A speedy response is nicer for the person you are responding to, and easier for you too.

Pack of Thank You Cards Firework

So of course the solution is… 

Have a pack of thank you cards ready to go

BoxedBlooms’ packs of 20 thank you cards are a perfect size to keep for those one-off thank yous. They come in three lovely, modern designs – the subtle Elegant, vibrant Firework and contemporary Zig Zag. Or buy a mixed pack featuring all three designs if you can’t decide on your favourite. Or just like to pick and choose! Envelopes are included too. The cards are foil cut to the highest quality for the perfect pack of thank you cards.

So don’t delay thanking someone, with a pack of thank you cards from BoxedBlooms you are always ready to make someone’s day.


Thank you cards and the art of correspondence

While we at Boxed Blooms love to show our appreciation with flowers, there are plenty of other ways to take a moment and acknowledge someone. Sending thank you cards is just one of them and like sending flowers has very traditional routes.

Did you know that at its peak, the postal system in Victorian London was offering up to twelve posts a day? That meant you could invite someone to dinner that evening – and have them reply – all by post on the same day.

Letters have been invaluable throughout history for a peek into the lives of real people in the past. They could be long or short, passionate or matter-of-fact, but there is still something fascinating about the correspondence we have now come to see as old fashioned.

A new innovation came along for the Victorian’s, rivalling its postal service – the telegram. Correspondence now was short and curt thanks to the limits of technology and price. It was also seen, read and forwarded by several strangers. While letter-writing persisted and outlived the telegram it’s clear which form we take our inspiration from now. Texts are short, emails are curt and pictures speak a thousand words as we send each other gifs and emojis in lieu of actual language.

Thank You Cards

Sending real cards has been relegated to birthdays and festive occasions. Even then, the e-card is becoming ubiquitous. So if you want to make a real impact, a handwritten letter or card is the way to go. Sure you can fire off a quick “thank you” text when someone does you a favour, but what difference would real handwritten thank you cards mean instead?

The art of correspondence is considered all but lost. But a quick note in thank you cards to show you value someone’s contribution or an act of kindness has a bigger impact now than ever.