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Scented candles for Mother’s Day

Don’t say you weren’t warned: Mother’s Day is Sunday 11th March. And scented candles are our top tip for showing your love and appreciation.

Mums are busy people. Even if yours is retired now, they certainly have been busy in their time. So what better gift than one that encourages some relaxation, some downtime?

The perfect accompaniment to a nice meal, a blissful bath, an evening of chocolates and TV or a quiet yoga session, scented candles are great for all occasions.

They are also the gift that keeps on giving – our scented candles have a burn time of 40 hours. So there is plenty of time to enjoy your thoughtful gift.

Choosing your scented candles

Boxed Blooms has scented candles in four lovely aromas: citrus, lavender, jasmine and vanilla. Which one will you choose?

Citrus is an energising, invigorating, fresh scent. Great for living rooms and action rather than relaxation. Lavender is a classic, a lovely warm aroma. A good choice for bedrooms. The delicate smell of jasmine is feminine and sweet. Jasmine would work well for those decadent pampering sessions and long baths. Vanilla is another favourite, evoking baking and homeliness. A nice pick if your mum likes chilling out on the settee watching a good film.

Whichever scent you pick, we are sure your gift will be well used and much appreciated.

All our candles come beautifully presented in elegant packaging, tied with a ribbon. And there’s free next day delivery too.

While you are at it, how about a lovely bouquet of red roses?

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Best scented candles that men will love too

You might not think that scented candles are a great present choice for men, or something a bloke would be into. But scented candles can be enjoyed by everyone and the benefits can be felt by all.

If you need a little convincing, here are the best scented candles that men will love too.

Men might prefer to avoid the higher, flowery notes of jasmine, for instance, but there are plenty of earthier tones. Lavender is a classic scent. Vanilla is always one of the best scented candles with a relaxing, homely aroma.

Intent on capturing the male market is the Boy Smells brand, featuring scents such as Kush. Yes, that’s right, a scented candle based on the cannabis flower. Complemented with suede, amber and white musk, it’s a distinctive fragrance with a unique angle.

How about the scent of cactus? A pretty unique twist on a scented candle.

Citrus scents are sure to be a hit with menfolk. The energising scent is fresh and well suited to springtime.

Smell is a great memory-prompt and might trigger some nostalgia. It can create a nice atmosphere at home with memories of the past, and be a backdrop to new ones. Everyone needs a bit of relaxation and scented candles are a great way to unwind. They are also great at setting the mood. Both the aroma and gentle flickering can lend a touch of romance to an evening in.

Boxed Blooms has the best scented candles in vanilla, lavender, jasmine and citrus. With stunning packaging and free next day delivery they make a fantastic gift for everyone.

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Aromatherapy candles – which scent will you choose?

Aromatherapy candles provide a soothing scent that can be used to set a mood. The scent you choose isn’t just a case of your favourite smell. You can evoke different feelings and sensations with the different scents.

Boxed Blooms has four luxury aromatherapy candles to choose from in classic scents of lavender, jasmine, vanilla and citrus. Find out the unique properties of each variety and decide on the perfect scent for you.

Lavender aromatherapy candles

Lavender is one of the oldest aromatherapy scents and is great for relaxation, relieving anxiety and better sleep. It’s more valuable than ever now, in a time of rising stress levels. A lavender scented candle will help you relax and unwind.

Jasmine aromatherapy candles

Famous among poets and for perfumes, the scent of jasmine is thought to be an aphrodisiac as well as an antidepressant. It is relaxing as well as mood boosting. With a lovely, light fragrance it can perfume a home and work wonders on your mind.

Vanilla aromatherapy candles

Vanilla is another popular scent for the home. It gives a comfortable, relaxing feel of cooking and hospitality. It’s also an antioxidant and thought to have anticarcinogenic properties so it’s great for your body too.

Citrus aromatherapy candles

If you want a bright aromatherapy scent then citrus is what you need. It’s a great air freshener and citrus scents are often used in cleaning products to get that same fresh feeling. Citrus is good for a boost of energy and a lift in mood.

All of our aromatherapy candles come beautifully packaged and are perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself. They have a burn time of up to 45 hours so you can enjoy the benefits again and again.

So take a break with the perfect aromatherapy candle for you, from Boxed Blooms.

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Luxury scented candles for Christmas

Christmas is a bright and busy explosion for the senses. There are familiar traditions, sights and sounds. Make luxury scented candles part of your new Christmas traditions. Here’s why – and how.

Smells and scents can really bring Christmas home – the fresh smell of the tree, of Christmas dinner being prepared or orange and clove decorations. Frankincense and myrrh, as in the advent story, are perfumes and essential oils. So there are lots of smells associated with Christmas time.

Candles are closely associated with Christmas and Christianity too. Families who don’t use candles much during the rest of the year might get some out for Christmas. Tealights for a bit of comfort in the dreary winter nights, votive candles for a table centrepiece, or even an advent candle to mark the passing of the month.

So scented candles are a great way to blend those two traditions. And create a new one for you and your family.

The aroma of luxury scented candles can become an essential memory of Christmas

Luxury Scented Candle by BoxedBloomsAt Boxed Blooms we have four luxury scented candles to choose from: vanilla, citrus, lavender and jasmine. They all come beautifully presented in a glass jar, tied with a ribbon and lovely packaging. So they are perfect for yourself, or as a gift. The burn time of 40-45 hours means you will get plenty of use and the joy of luxury scented candles day after day.

Boxed Blooms also has a beautifully designed range of thank you cards. Perhaps as well as sending out the Christmas cards you can send a special thank you? It is sure to be appreciated.

And for an extra special gift at a busy time of year, show someone how much you love and appreciate them with roses. A single red rose, beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses or the extravagant two dozen roses is a thoughtful and special pre-Christmas gift.

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The most relaxing aroma candles

For the most relaxing time, aroma candles are a soothing and tranquil way to unwind. Scented aroma candles can be used for a candlelit dinner, a luxurious bath, or a treat over a cup of tea first thing in the morning before the rush of the day sets in.

Aroma candles to set the mood

A sweet, subtle aroma from a scented candle really sets the mood. Whether that is for relaxation or romance is up to you. Between the gentle flicker of the candle and the beautiful scents it is easy to unwind and let the stresses of the day slip away.

Luxury Scented Candle from BoxedBloomsWhich is why aroma candles also make a great gift. It’s the thought that counts and when you buy someone a scented candle the thought is more than the gift. The thoughtfulness is the gift of relaxation and luxury, of taking time out and pampering.

Aroma candles are a little luxury in amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially as the dark nights draw in and the cold weather arrives. The busy seasonal holidays keep people occupied shopping, planning, cooking and hosting.

It’s easy to get caught up in making things nice for others. Not taking the time for ourselves. If there is someone like that in your life they will be touched by a gift of aroma candles.

The aroma candles from BoxedBlooms come in a beautiful presentation box, wrapped in a ribbon. Choose from four gorgeous aromas of lavendar, jasmine, vanilla and citrus. They are all guaranteed to be a hit. And with a burn time of 40-45 hours there’s a lot of enjoyment from one candle.

BoxedBlooms offers free next day delivery on all our gifts. Maybe you can pair the candle with a thoughtful thank you card? Or a bouquet of our red roses?

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Scented candles for those long winter nights

It’s the last full week of British summertime. Though with the country being battered by storms it stopped feeling like summer a while ago. Once the clocks go back next weekend the long, dark nights will draw in.

Perhaps you like autumn for the chance to snuggle down and get comfy, watching the wind and rain outside the window. Or perhaps you miss the light and long days of summer. Either way, you can make the most of the dark evenings with a scented candle.

Luxury Scented Candle by BoxedBlooms

Our range of four sublime scented candles are the perfect companions for autumn and winter. Candlelight is always cheering and lends a sense of intimacy. 

Our scented candles are perfect for a gift or for yourself. They come in a beautiful presentation box and wrapped with ribbon. The glass jar adds to the luxury. And they have over 40 hours of burn time.

So if you get one now and use it for a half an hour a night it will still be going by Christmas. You could light it while eating dinner, or having a bath. Relax and let the gentle aroma carry you away.

Or have the gentle flickering and subtle smells keep you company while curling up and binge watching the latest must-see TV series. Whatever gets you through the long, dark evenings.

Choose from the luxurious scents of lavender, jasmine, vanilla or citrus. With free next day delivery you could be enjoying your scented candle in no time at all.

They make great gifts too, perhaps with some roses as well? October is a great month for roses and you can make the gesture extra special by including a scented candle.

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