Best scented candles that men will love too


Best scented candles that men will love too

You might not think that scented candles are a great present choice for men, or something a bloke would be into. But scented candles can be enjoyed by everyone and the benefits can be felt by all.

If you need a little convincing, here are the best scented candles that men will love too.

Men might prefer to avoid the higher, flowery notes of jasmine, for instance, but there are plenty of earthier tones. Lavender is a classic scent. Vanilla is always one of the best scented candles with a relaxing, homely aroma.

Intent on capturing the male market is the Boy Smells brand, featuring scents such as Kush. Yes, that’s right, a scented candle based on the cannabis flower. Complemented with suede, amber and white musk, it’s a distinctive fragrance with a unique angle.

How about the scent of cactus? A pretty unique twist on a scented candle.

Citrus scents are sure to be a hit with menfolk. The energising scent is fresh and well suited to springtime.

Smell is a great memory-prompt and might trigger some nostalgia. It can create a nice atmosphere at home with memories of the past, and be a backdrop to new ones. Everyone needs a bit of relaxation and scented candles are a great way to unwind. They are also great at setting the mood. Both the aroma and gentle flickering can lend a touch of romance to an evening in.

Boxed Blooms has the best scented candles in vanilla, lavender, jasmine and citrus. With stunning packaging and free next day delivery they make a fantastic gift for everyone.

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