Luxury scented candles for Christmas


Luxury scented candles for Christmas

Christmas is a bright and busy explosion for the senses. There are familiar traditions, sights and sounds. Make luxury scented candles part of your new Christmas traditions. Here’s why – and how.

Smells and scents can really bring Christmas home – the fresh smell of the tree, of Christmas dinner being prepared or orange and clove decorations. Frankincense and myrrh, as in the advent story, are perfumes and essential oils. So there are lots of smells associated with Christmas time.

Candles are closely associated with Christmas and Christianity too. Families who don’t use candles much during the rest of the year might get some out for Christmas. Tealights for a bit of comfort in the dreary winter nights, votive candles for a table centrepiece, or even an advent candle to mark the passing of the month.

So scented candles are a great way to blend those two traditions. And create a new one for you and your family.

The aroma of luxury scented candles can become an essential memory of Christmas

Luxury Scented Candle by BoxedBloomsAt Boxed Blooms we have four luxury scented candles to choose from: vanilla, citrus, lavender and jasmine. They all come beautifully presented in a glass jar, tied with a ribbon and lovely packaging. So they are perfect for yourself, or as a gift. The burn time of 40-45 hours means you will get plenty of use and the joy of luxury scented candles day after day.

Boxed Blooms also has a beautifully designed range of thank you cards. Perhaps as well as sending out the Christmas cards you can send a special thank you? It is sure to be appreciated.

And for an extra special gift at a busy time of year, show someone how much you love and appreciate them with roses. A single red rose, beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses or the extravagant two dozen roses is a thoughtful and special pre-Christmas gift.

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