The most relaxing aroma candles


The most relaxing aroma candles

For the most relaxing time, aroma candles are a soothing and tranquil way to unwind. Scented aroma candles can be used for a candlelit dinner, a luxurious bath, or a treat over a cup of tea first thing in the morning before the rush of the day sets in.

Aroma candles to set the mood

A sweet, subtle aroma from a scented candle really sets the mood. Whether that is for relaxation or romance is up to you. Between the gentle flicker of the candle and the beautiful scents it is easy to unwind and let the stresses of the day slip away.

Luxury Scented Candle from BoxedBloomsWhich is why aroma candles also make a great gift. It’s the thought that counts and when you buy someone a scented candle the thought is more than the gift. The thoughtfulness is the gift of relaxation and luxury, of taking time out and pampering.

Aroma candles are a little luxury in amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially as the dark nights draw in and the cold weather arrives. The busy seasonal holidays keep people occupied shopping, planning, cooking and hosting.

It’s easy to get caught up in making things nice for others. Not taking the time for ourselves. If there is someone like that in your life they will be touched by a gift of aroma candles.

The aroma candles from BoxedBlooms come in a beautiful presentation box, wrapped in a ribbon. Choose from four gorgeous aromas of lavendar, jasmine, vanilla and citrus. They are all guaranteed to be a hit. And with a burn time of 40-45 hours there’s a lot of enjoyment from one candle.

BoxedBlooms offers free next day delivery on all our gifts. Maybe you can pair the candle with a thoughtful thank you card? Or a bouquet of our red roses?

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