Why October is a great month for roses


Why October is a great month for roses

October is a great month to send that special someone a beautiful bouquet of roses.

But why? Nothing all that interesting happens in October except Halloween right at the end. And Halloween doesn’t exactly have a romantic reputation. It’s not summer any more and it’s still a way before Christmas. It’s an overlooked month.

And that is exactly why.

There’s no better time to send “just because” roses. No special occassion necessary.

Now the romantic, lazy, late evenings of the summer are over and the chill is creeping in. Before the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Make autumn something to smile about with a flower delivery.

Boxed Blooms make rose delivery so easy. Find out why boxed flowers are the simple, clever way to send flowers. With great prices, great quality, free next day delivery and our super guarantees. You are never left wondering what’s going on with your order – we have fantastic proactive notifications so you stay up to date.

If roses aren’t quite right how about a scented candle? Perfect for settling down and relaxing on a windy October night. Our candles come beautifully wrapped and packaged. Choose from four soothing fragrances and enjoy over 40 hours of scented bliss.

Or take the opportunity to send a thank you card. Revive the lost art of correspondence and have a pack of thank you cards ready to go. We have three lovely designs and the option of a mixed pack if you can’t make up your mind. Get some more tips on different ways to say thank you.

Order an extra special rose delivery now and make someone’s month.

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