Boxed flowers – the simple, clever way to send flowers


Boxed flowers – the simple, clever way to send flowers

Would you send flowers more often if it wasn’t so much of a chore? Most people would, and that is a shame. But with boxed flowers from Boxed Blooms sending flowers is so simple and straightforward. Not to mention great value.

We at Boxed Blooms want to bring more cheer, romance and excitement to the world. And sending boxed flowers is a great way to do that.

Why are boxed flowers such a clever way to send flowers?

It all starts on our website. Our ordering process is simple and there are no tricky upsells or extra charges. We even have free next day delivery!

Choose from our single red rose, romantic dozen red roses, or super-extravagant two dozen red roses. They are all great value and sure to impress your loved one.

This is where it starts to get really clever. Instead of a huge bouquet being dispatched by courier and you left wondering what happened to it, worrying whether the lucky recipient was in and received it properly – you can leave all those headaches behind.

Boxed Blooms send you a photo of the exact bouquet being sent out on your behalf. No stock photography here! Then we text you and the recipient and keep you both informed all the way up to the delivery. Our proactive notifications mean you are never left guessing.

Not only is our packaging there to protect your flowers and look great while doing it, it also gives lots of flexibility for delivering. If we know the recipient will be out, we can arrange a safe place to leave the box. The flowers stay safe and hydrated.

The single red rose is delivered straight through the letter box by the Royal Mail – no fuss at all.

Try Boxed Blooms for your boxed flowers and make someone’s day extra special.

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