Thank you cards and five ways to say thank you from BoxedBlooms


Thank you cards and five ways to say thank you from BoxedBlooms

The art of correspondence might be fading away but that can give it even more impact. Sending thank you cards can really brighten someone’s day and sadly isn’t really expected anymore.

So here are five ways to say thank you – featuring thank you cards and a little something special.

Saying thank you for a gift?

Make sure to take a quick picture of the gift in action and get a few photos printed off. You can do this easily at home or cheaply at a self service counter in lots of shops and supermarkets. Include the snap in the thank you cards!

Sending a lot of thank you cards?

Sending thank you cards for wedding presents, or gifts for a new baby or other events where you had a lot of gifts? Like sending a photo above, you could bulk print photos of the special day, baby or other reminder of the event. Or include some other little souvenir or trinket.

Say thank you with flowers

You can show your appreciation with some lovely blooms alongside a thank you card. Or how about a scented candle for something a little bit different? Inexpensive but thoughtful gifts are a lovely gesture.

Send an IOU

Not every favour needs to be strictly quid pro quo but you could add a specific IOU to your thank you card. Sometimes people find it hard to take up a “let me know if there’s anything I can do” but might be more likely to respond to your offer of a night’s babysitting.

Thank you for being you

We are all guilty of not letting people know how much they mean to us. Thank you cards don’t need to be for anything specific – a thank you for support over the years, or “just because” can have even more impact.

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