Greetings cards in bulk for hassle free organisation


Greetings cards in bulk for hassle free organisation

There are so many advantages to buying your greetings cards in bulk. Remembering birthdays and special occasions one at a time is not the most efficient. Buying cards individually is a hassle. And that’s just the regular events, never mind all the one-off congratulations, get well, thank you or condolences you might have to send.

The solution is to buy your greetings cards in bulk. Dedicate a block of time and energy to doing the full job and you will free yourself up in the long run.

Tips on getting your greetings cards in bulk

Go through your calendar and pick out the birthdays – hence birthday cards you need. If there are lots you could do this quarterly, or you can get it all done for the year in one fell swoop. Buy however many cards you need. You can label them with post-its to remind you which was for who.

If there are any big events coming up, you can do the same. Weddings you are attending, anniversaries, graduations, babies on the way… It’s simpler to get all those cards in advance. It means you can spend more time choosing something nice. Rather than a rushed buy in the supermarket during your regular shop just days before the event.

Don’t forget all the little events that happen without a schedule. You can build up a stock of nice cards for retirements or new jobs, sympathy cards, get well cards and thank you cards. It’s nice to be able to respond quickly to these things. Being prepared in advance takes the stress out of it all.

BoxedBlooms has a range of greetings cards in bulk including thank you cards. They come in packs of twenty and in three designs, or as a mixed pack.

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