Pack of greetings cards at the ready


Pack of greetings cards at the ready

How much more organised could you be with a pack of greetings cards ready to go?

Big events and occasions always seem to catch us on the hop. For instance, right now Christmas is probably the last thing on your mind. But it’s the beginning of September and it will be here before you know it. Birthdays are the same, creeping up on us. Never mind all the little “congratulations” events, the thank yous, get wells, and others that pop up with next to no notice.

Traditionally we buy our greetings cards on the hop too. The particularly organised among you might manage to buy a few month’s worth in bulk. But it means we are always running to catch up and it isn’t as efficient as it could be.

But if you buy a pack of greetings cards you always have some on hand ready to go

It’s pretty standard for Christmas cards but the rest of the year we rely on this piecemeal approach.

A pack of greetings cards solves all that. Keep your thank you cards, get well soon cards, congratulations cards and sympathy cards well-stocked and be ready for anything. You can quickly send the card without having to add it to your shopping list and then worrying it is arriving too late.

BoxedBlooms offers a pack of greetings cards for thank you cards, available in a set of 20, complete with envelopes. They come in three designs or you can get a mixed pack of all the designs. They are perfect for showing your appreciation, and reviving the lost art of correspondence.

Soon a pack of greetings cards will be available for all the other big events too.

So get organised, get your pack of greetings cards stocked up, and be ready for anything.

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