Have a pack of thank you cards ready to go


Have a pack of thank you cards ready to go

A pack of thank you cards is a terrifically useful thing to have around the house, in your stationery drawer and with the spare greetings cards. You never know when the opportunity – or necessity – to send a thank you card will arise.

A bulk pack of thank you cards is an often-overlooked coda to a wedding, big party, new birth or event. Take the time for a personal response. Sending a thank you card for gifts or well wishes is a thoughtful touch.

It’s not just the big events that deserve a thank you card. Show people that the little acts of kindness are appreciated too. Send a more personalised RSVP, thank someone for a gift or a favour, or just to show you care.

The problem with saying thank you or responding to someone – as we probably all know and have experienced – is that the longer you leave it the harder it seems to feel. Feeling guilty about not having done it sooner leads to leaving it even longer. A speedy response is nicer for the person you are responding to, and easier for you too.

Pack of Thank You Cards Firework

So of course the solution is… 

Have a pack of thank you cards ready to go

BoxedBlooms’ packs of 20 thank you cards are a perfect size to keep for those one-off thank yous. They come in three lovely, modern designs – the subtle Elegant, vibrant Firework and contemporary Zig Zag. Or buy a mixed pack featuring all three designs if you can’t decide on your favourite. Or just like to pick and choose! Envelopes are included too. The cards are foil cut to the highest quality for the perfect pack of thank you cards.

So don’t delay thanking someone, with a pack of thank you cards from BoxedBlooms you are always ready to make someone’s day.

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